Oneirogen comes from the Greek oneiros meaning ‘dream’ and gen ‘to create’. An oneirogen is something that produces or enhances dream-like states of consciousness. Put simply, our oneirogenic blends are masterfully formulated with specific plants, flowers and gems that induce lucidity – in both your dreamtime and waking life.

In Spanish, despierta means both ‘awake’ and ‘wake up’ – creating a double meaning and amplifying what we stand for. For decades we’ve believed in the ethos of Wide Awake & Always Dreaming as a true embodiment of all the magic that life has available to us. We created this brand with the balance of both being in the process of awakening and awake as an ode to lifting the veils of separation between dreams & reality. Despierta and our blends are all about being present and intentional - awakening to who we truly are and the magic we hold within.

Crystal essences are indirect infusions (charged) done by surrounding the finished product with crystals that are relative to each blend.

My process is simple, pure, intentional and ancient. I cleanse my crystals in a natural pool or stream, charge them under the Sun & Moon and set intentions into them depending on the blend they will be paired with (ie: lapis lazuli to aid in deep peace and higher states of consciousness to activate lucid states), then place them in a large glass container in my home/studio where I personally blend/fill and package each order.

Once a pouch is fulfilled, I place it amongst the crystals so that each pouch can absorb the essence of the corresponding crystals so that the metaphysical properties & intentions set into the stones are indirectly infused into the blends! 🤗💜🔮

We source our ingredients from the purest and most quality locations around the globe to ensure what you experience is pure magic. Our aim is to continue to support small, sustainable farmers around the globe where certain plants thrive and harvest all others on our own land in our ‘field of dreams’ to keep it as real and close to home as possible.

All of our products are intentionally formulated with the cleanest ingredients available. All ingredients are either certified organic or responsibly wildcrafted. Due to the nature and price-tag attached to ‘labels’ and certifications, we believe in providing the cleanest sourced materials available while working on attaining the ‘bells & whistles.’

Our teas contain unique blends and are activated in their own way.
Please refer to the product page for specific activation and usage instructions:

Astral Traveler
Morning Mystik
Celestial Calm