• Celestial Calm
  • Celestial Calm

Celestial Calm

Oneirogenic Superpowder Blend

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Deepen your nighttime ritual with an intentional magic concoction formulated to lull you to sleep with its soothing medicinal properties. Promotes relaxation and better sleep every night.

Infused with crystal essences of moonstone, amethyst, quartz. Hand-blended in small-batch tea cauldrons.

30 Servings

Celestial Calm is perfect for those looking to soothe and calm your mind, body & spirit - especially around bedtime. This superpowder blend will help you fall back in love with bedtime.

Formulated with herbs that help support your ability to relax, fall asleep, stay asleep through the night, and wake up refreshed & recharged. Alchemized with botanicals that have been used for centuries to support sleep quality and a healthy sleep cycle.


  • Relaxing & Unwinding
  • Falling & Staying Asleep
  • Improving Your Sleep Pattern
  • Restoring Your Sleep Cycle
  • Reducing Fatigue

Butterfly Pea Flower*, Lavender*, Vanilla*, Cardamom*, Ceylon Cinnamon*.     (*Always Organic)

Add 1 tsp of our superpowder to your cup or mug, pour in 1 cup of hot mylk and blend. If you wish, sweeten with maple syrup or your preferred natural sweetener. Drink up and drift into a deep slumber.✨🌙 

Try in hot or cold mylks, lattes, smoothies, and more!

*If you have concerns about any possible drug interactions or allergies, talk to your doctor before starting a nightly herbal tea time routine. 

DISCLAIMER: This is a herbal supplement. The statements made about this product have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease. Please seek medical advise from your doctor if you are pregnant or nursing before consuming.

Customer Reviews

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Veronica Lamanes
Celestial dreams

Very soothing tea! Love it!

Paula G
Best tea ever

I absolutely love this tea for two reasons: 1) it relaxes me so much that it puts me to sleep immediately, and 2) the taste is otherworldly. The way I make it is with 1/2 cup of boiling water (I mix the powder really well) and then fill the other 1/2 of the cup with steamed milk. I mix it really well and it tastes heavenly. I drink this tea every night before going to bed.

Marilyn Munro
So Nice!

Oh my, I do love this tea blend. It's really beautiful. I simmer it in cashew milk so it becomes this creamy blue delight that warms and comforts my whole being. That effect lingers into the daytime as if it's creating subtle energetic change. I love it!

Hedwig Schiebel
I used Celestial Calm for the first time

Maybe it is too early for me to give a review. All in all I think it is going to have good effects. One thing that irritates me a little bit is - the colour. I wonder what exactly gives that colour to Celestial Calm. I've got an uneasy feeling to swallow it. Of course I took it with warm milk. It tastes good yes. But still - - the bluish colour makes me hesitate to ingest it.

Hello, hello beautiful Soul :) So happy you bring this up as maybe I should share more about this publicly so others can see the true magic that is nature! The blue color is actually fully 100% naturally occurring from the Butterfly Pea Flowers (which are the foundation of this blend). These beautiful flowers, native to Thailand (where I source them myself near a temple I used to work at), when steeped in a hot element (milk or water) release their color and give off a blue hue, just as hibiscus flowers make a red hue tea. This is totally natural, and as you mention very tasty - so please do not hesitate to drink nor feel uneasy -- if anything, rejoice in this dream plant magic! Another kicker, if you ever wish to have a relaxing cup of tea versus a tea latte - add a teaspoon of Celestial Calm to a cup of hot water and stir.. watch the blend of flowers turn the water blue.. and then add a bit of lemon and watch this transform your drink into a vibrant violet! This is science and it is AWESOME! -- The pH levels of the flower are impacted when an acidic ingredient such as fresh citrus, or lemon juice is added turning the blue to purple! Anyhow, I just wanted to share this so you feel more at peace and able to truly fully enjoy my blends with the knowing that every ingredient is natural to our planet and completely untainted by anything artificial. I truly pride myself in having created really intentional & pure products, so hope you can sip up with this knowing and be excited having learned the story behind the flowers and their natural 'dye' effects ^_^

Love this stuff

The flavor is so delicious. Tastes alot like vanilla and somehow it DOES make me sleepy! It’s been a nice addition to my bedtime routine