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Helping you improve your well-being, deepen your relationship with your dreams in all realms, and awaken to a new reality.

  • Astral Traveler

Astral Traveler


Explore your dreams & your Self deeper with this botanical tea. A modern take on an ancient practice, Astral Traveler is formulated with herbs that naturally help support your ability to remember and produce more vivid dreams. Infused with crystal essences of lapis lazuli, moldavite, quartz. Hand-blended in small-batch tea cauldrons.

Activated by Earth's Magic

We don’t believe in artificial ANYTHING. We take pride in solely utilizing what Mother Nature gifts us to experience life as it was intended – clear, pure & inspiring. Our formulations have been intentionally crafted through wisdom of the past, with modern lifestyles in mind, to set you up for success - here, now and well into the future.✨

  • Natural Oneirogens
  • Non-Psychoactive
  • Activate Dream-Like States of Consciousness
  • Organic, Straight from the Earth
  • Improve Your Well-Being
  • Deepen Your Relationship with Your Self & Your Dreams

Dream Plant Magic™

Blue Lotus Flower

May promote tranquillity and an altered sense of awareness to help improve sleep, reduce anxiety and activate lucid dreaming

Butterfly Pea Flower

Powerful antioxidant & nootropic. Stress-buster & Sleep aid


Antibacterial & Antioxidant. Protects brain cells from free radical damage

Ceylon Cinnamon

Anti-inflammatory & antioxidant. Can nourish nervous system, boost cognitive activity and mood


Relaxes the body, Aids with Anxiety & Promotes Pleasant Dreams


Immune-boosting, anti-inflammatory. Can help increase brainpower. Cleansing, healing energy


May increase relaxation & calm to help you fall asleep and improve the overall quality of your rest.

Orange Peel

A natural sedative used to calm nerves and induce sleep. High in B6, may help in dream recall

Black Peppercorns

Can help improve brain function and lower depression symptoms


May help improve digestion and concentration. Promotes restful sleep & vivid dreams


May strengthen immune system and help with insomnia, depression or anxiety


May help purify the body, blood and spiritual energy system to bring more light into your life


Helps relieve tension and calms the mind, helping you fall asleep faster, and stay asleep longer

Passion Flower

May help relieve insomnia & anxiety, and lower brain activity to help you relax, sleep better, and assist in dreamwork.

Calea Zacatechichi

May help increase mental clarity, boost cognitive abilities, increase dream remembrance and lucidity throughout the night.

Helping you improve your well-being, Deepen your relationship with your dreams *in all realms* & awaken you to a new reality.

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