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Astral Traveler is the perfect loose-leaf tea blend for those looking to explore themselves and their dreams more deeply, naturally. This botanical blend helps activate & amplify alpha and theta brain waves to aid you in producing more lucid dreams by extending your REM phase so that you can utilize the dream state to explore deep parts of yourself.

With practice and patience, it can serve you in gaining clarity while you dream & explore deeper aspects of your Self through the astral realms. Alchemized with flowers & herbs that have been used for centuries to support lucid dreaming, divination, and astral travel.

Infused with crystal essences of lapis lazuli, moldavite, quartz. Hand-blended in small-batch tea cauldrons by Dulce Ruby.

15 Servings

Explore your dreams & your Self more deeply with this modern take on an ancient practice - tea ritualing. Formulated with herbs that naturally help support your ability to remember and produce more vivid dreams.


  • Lucid and Vivid Dreaming
  • Recalling Your Dreams
  • Gaining Spiritual Insight
  • Improving your Well-Being
  • Deepening your Relationship with Your Dreams 

Blue Lotus Flower* , Mugwort* , Passionflower* , Damiana* , Peppermint* , Orange Peel* , and Sustainably Wildcrafted Calea Zacatechichi.  (*Organic)

Steep 1 Tbsp of this herbal potion for 10-15 mins in hot/boiling water. Strain, drink up and dream on.✨👁🙌🌿

*If you have concerns about any possible drug interactions or allergies, talk to your doctor before starting a nightly herbal tea time routine.* 


DISCLAIMER: This is a herbal supplement. The statements made about this product have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease. Please seek medical advise from your doctor if you are pregnant or nursing before consuming.

Customer Reviews

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Jenn Harding
Loving it

Loving the flavor and Boris trip to dreamland ❤️

Marie Adkins

I love it!!

Thank you SO MUCH!! So happy to hear it!!! ☺️

Queen Michele
It's a Good Tea

I'm a Light Worker, Way Shower, Frequency Code Holder and New Earth Representative. On my journey, astral travel is something I haven't yet experienced. So imagine my excitement when I came across Despierta. I'm halfway through the bag and have not yet experienced vivid dreaming nor do I remember any of my dreams. I awaken at least once to go to the bathroom. I have a dream journal on my nightstand ready to be written in. I've prepared myself on every level. My intention is clear and set. I understand I must exercise patience. In the meantime, it's a great morning tea I drink every morning. I don't take it at night anymore.

Hello and good evening, beautiful Soul! Am so honored to have your presence and breadth of knowledge here, and am curious to dive deeper into this with you. As you know with any spiritual practice, it is practice and can take time - so am truly grateful you are continuing to enjoy it (even if solely by day) as being able to integrate the herbs regardless of time of day will continue to open up the portals of Self, slowly but surely. With your own work and purpose, fully believe you will be able to experience these vivid dreams.. and you may be closer than you think! Awakening at least once (especially if it's not just to go to the restroom) is actually a marvellous place to start your lucid dreaming. There is a LOT to share on this and actually have a course coming soon to show others as well, but please - keep trying and send me a personal note as would love to share some tips and techniques that may aid you on this journey. For now, please try this tonight if possible.. Do not eat at least 2 hours before bed, drink your tea 30 mins prior, use the restroom (to avoid having to get out of bed later), set your intentions, journal, breathe.. and when you do awaken mid-night (or set a timer to trigger you), sit up for a bit, bring yourself to semi-wakefulness and a more aware conscious state. After a few minutes, lay down again, slow breaths as you repeat, 'I will remember my dreams' or 'I will remember that I am dreaming' -- as you start to dose off, allow your body, mind and repeating thought to drift.. if when you awaken, you remember ANYTHING (even if it is only something minor like a color, a feeling, etc) write it down. Dream recollection is a tough skill to build when it does not flow naturally for you, but I know when you do start remembering, it is solely the beginning and I wish you all the magic in the world when you do! Sending you love, and if you need anything or have any questions - do reach out. It is literally just me here (Dulce Ruby, owner & creator of Despierta), as am a 1-woman-show and love being a part of not only formulating and blending these potions, but the educational portion of this spiritual practice. Truly. Am here and happy to help! :)

Leila Anderson
Wonderful tea

My husband and I have recently started drinking tea for sleep. There are many teas to choose from but they are all the same it seems. This tea is very nice and we love the blue color! It smells wonderful and tastes great! Sleep has been great! Customer service is excellent and we received our order ahead of schedule. I highly recommend and I will buy it again!

Lori Abbas
Astro traveler tea

I was so excited to receive my astro traveler Tea. The tea is very smooth and tastes wonderful. I have trouble sleeping at night. It has helped me sleep through the night. When ordering the tea I accidentally order 2 packets in error. I wanted to try the tea first before purchasing something I wasn’t sure I would like. I contacted the owner Ruby right away. She was awesome! She refunded me right away. I will say her customer service skills are top notch. I definitely will be buying more of her tea. If you love tea, I definitely 100% recommend Astro travel from Despierta. I am looking forward to try other flavors from Despierta!