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With this modern take on ancient practice; explore your dreams & your self deeper. Formulated with herbs that help support your ability to remember and produce more vivid dreams.

Infused with crystal essences of lapis lazuli, moldavite, quartz. Hand-blended in small-batch tea cauldrons.

Astral Traveler is the perfect blend for those looking to explore themselves and their dreams more deeply. This loose-leaf tea blend helps activate & amplify alpha and theta brain waves to aid you in producing more lucid dreams by extending your REM phase so that you can utilize the dream state to explore deep parts of yourself.

With practice and patience, it can serve you in gaining clarity whilst you awaken & explore deeper aspects of your Self through the astral realms. Alchemized with herbs that have been used for centuries to support lucidity, divinity, and astral travel.

  • Lucid and Vivid Dreaming
  • Recalling Your Dreams
  • Gaining Spiritual Insight
  • Improving your Well-Being
  • Deepening your Relationship with Your Dreams

Blue Lotus Flower* , Mugwort* , Passionflower* , Damiana* , Peppermint* , Orange Peel* , and Sustainably Wildcrafted Calea Zacatechichi.  (*Organic)

Steep 1 Tbsp of this herbal potion for 10-15 mins in hot/boiling water. Strain, drink up and dream on.✨👁🙌🌿

*If you have concerns about any possible drug interactions or allergies, talk to your doctor before starting a nightly herbal tea time routine.* 


DISCLAIMER: This is a herbal supplement. The statements made about this product have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease. Please seek medical advise from your doctor if you are pregnant or nursing before consuming.

Customer Reviews

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Alison Angel
More Vivid Dreams!

I'm a new user, but I've been drinking the tea every night before bed for a week and I definitely notice a big increase in the vividness of my dreams! I'm also able to retain them much longer

High Frequency Sacred Beverage

This tastes delicious. I’ve had blue lotus tea and the flavour of this is superior to anything I’ve tasted. I’ve had the most wondrous lucid dreams after drinking it.
I would also like to share about what I felt and saw in terms of its light and energy. Remarkable! I am an intuitive energy healer and can see auras of individuals, spaces and items. Below is a description of how I perceived the energy of Astral Traveller.
Just as a baseline for reference, I will say that I have not observed that much light in many foods or products except for very high quality or nutritious natural foods. I compared the aura of this tea to wild picked chaga tea which does have some lovely light in its aura. The aura of Astral Traveller was so big, the biggest aura in a supplement or food product that I’ve seen! I would say this large aura is the reflection of the light in the high quality ingredients, the high frequency crystals it is infused with, and the high frequency and loving consciousness of Dulce Ruby that she infused when she alchemised this beautiful product for the pleasure and upliftment of individuals frequency and consciousness.
The aura was white with hues of indigo blue and violet. The energy felt peaceful and I saw it as vast and “cosmic” looking. I could see the energetic pattern of the energy’s movement as result of synergy of ingredients and Dulce Ruby’s alchemical intention. The energy moved in a pattern that spiralled inward and down, as if down into your soul, into the truth of yourself if seemed. As I observed, I heard inward spiral “to your truth”, and a “journey within”. The geometry of the energy as I perceived it was coherent, balanced and convergent.
This is a sacred beverage and a gift to serve and uplift consciousness. It tastes delicious and is a pleasure to drink, its energy I attuned to is amazing, and the energetic effect I felt was incredible.

I highly recommend this sacred tea.

Amanda Monteiro
Blew my mind

The taste is awesome and I've been able to remember my dreams more with this nightly ritual =) very grateful!

Incredible Dream Recall

Loved the experience of this tea! One of the unexpected results for me was a big increase in dream clarity and dream recall... Also feels like the effects are building each night. Looking forward to continuing and seeing where this takes me. THANKS!

Amazing ✨

I loved Astral Traveler, can't wait to journey again.