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The Dream Journal


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This *digital* journal is a powerful tool for people wishing to work with their dreams for personal growth & Self-discovery

By keeping a record of our dreams and exploring the symbols, themes, and emotions that appear in them, we can gain a deeper understanding of ourselves and work towards positive change in our lives. A great addition to your Lucidity Journey!

Filled with tips, techniques and guides for 30 days of recording & remembering your dreams.

77 Pages of Magic & Introspection

🔥 Unlock the power of your dreams with The Dream Journal! 🚀 Explore your inner self and embark on a journey of self-growth and spiritual discovery. 💫 Unleash your potential and achieve your dreams with this powerful dream journal.✨👁


*You will receive a PDF file upon purchasing*

Feel free to print or use on your electronic devices such as iPad, cell phone, tablet, etc.

  • Lucid & Vivid Dreaming
  • Recalling Your Dreams
  • Gaining Spiritual Insight
  • Improving your Well-Being
  • Deepening your Relationship with your Dreams


While I absolutely love buying/reading physical books, I find journals are something that I do not 'need' to be physical - as they sometimes go unused or are incomplete before I buy another.

With that said, I wanted to saves trees. Despierta is a PLANET first, product second kind of biz. With YOU and your healing & awakening journey at the forefront lighting the way.

Plus, this keeps it super simple for so many who are already used to using their iPads for similar journaling or note taking AND saves your beautiful reflections for a lifetime through both your device & the cloud (or Dropbox, Google Drive, etc. if you choose). 

As I continue my journey as a small business 'owner' and creator, I want to be sure I keep a conscious approach to everything I do and create for you all. So, a digital journal just made sense. 

If you DO however wish to have it be physical, the beauty of a digital download is that you now have a printable file, too! 

It's a WIN-WIN for you and our planet✨💜👁🌸🙌🌎


Currently, I have tested the file and it works / is easily fillable on an iPad with the following apps:

Adobe Acrobat Reader - Simply type to fill as you would any other document

*Procreate - freehand drawing with finger or apple 'pencil'

XtremePapers - freehand drawing with finger or apple 'pencil'

*Goodnotes - freehand drawing with finger or apple 'pencil'

Notes - freehand drawing with finger or apple 'pencil' or type to fill!

Am sure there are plenty of other apps to select/choose from, but figured I'd test some of the most popular and see what magic they can pull.✨📝

* - These are my faves, as I LOVE being able to open the PDF and DRAW some of my nocturnal visions, what I saw, felt etc.. and as well as write in my own handwriting (vs typing) as helps with recall - as the more you feel the words come through you, the more intimate the connection, the higher the retention, and at times the greater the clarity!✨👁🙌


Customer Reviews

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Stephanie T
Not what I was expecting

I don't know why but I was expecting more than a bunch of blank lines and some journaling prompts. I guess that's what a journal is, but when you're printing it yourself, you can't help but wonder why you just paid $15 to use up your own printer paper and ink. I was hoping for some tips on lucid dreaming and maybe some more information on dream symbolism. This was not worth $15. I like Dulce Ruby and I hate giving a bad review, but when I got a request to leave a review I felt I needed to be honest.