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Astral Traveler is the perfect loose-leaf tea blend for those looking to explore themselves and their dreams more deeply, naturally. This botanical blend helps activate & amplify alpha and theta brain waves to aid you in producing more lucid dreams by extending your REM phase so that you can utilize the dream state to explore deep parts of yourself.

With practice and patience, it can serve you in gaining clarity while you dream & explore deeper aspects of your Self through the astral realms. Alchemized with flowers & herbs that have been used for centuries to support lucid dreaming, divination, and astral travel.

Infused with crystal essences of lapis lazuli, moldavite, quartz. Hand-blended in small-batch tea cauldrons by Dulce Ruby.

15 Servings

Explore your dreams & your Self more deeply with this modern take on an ancient practice - tea ritualing. Formulated with herbs that naturally help support your ability to remember and produce more vivid dreams.


  • Lucid and Vivid Dreaming
  • Recalling Your Dreams
  • Gaining Spiritual Insight
  • Improving your Well-Being
  • Deepening your Relationship with Your Dreams 

Blue Lotus Flower* , Mugwort* , Passionflower* , Damiana* , Peppermint* , Orange Peel* , and Sustainably Wildcrafted Calea Zacatechichi.  (*Organic)

Steep 1 Tbsp of this herbal potion for 10-15 mins in hot/boiling water. Strain, drink up and dream on.✨👁🙌🌿

*If you have concerns about any possible drug interactions or allergies, talk to your doctor before starting a nightly herbal tea time routine.* 


DISCLAIMER: This is a herbal supplement. The statements made about this product have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease. Please seek medical advise from your doctor if you are pregnant or nursing before consuming.

Customer Reviews

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Lovely blend

I really like the blend; its taste, its spirit, intention, and packaging !
Can't say yet wether or not it augments my lucidity or dream recall, because i already have a practice of dream journaling and noticed recalls fluctuate quite a lot.
I think like everything, there is no magic wand; only a whole, integrated practice can bring results. And this blend is now part of mine!

Verona Murray
So far it’s very nice tea at bedtime

I have been dealing with a hospice situation for my 15 yr old dog here at home. I have to get up several times usually but with the tea I go back to sleep a bit easier

Wow, first off - I hope your 15yr old pup is doing well and that you are both enjoying your time together. Pets are truly family, so I send my love and prayers your way.✨ Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts, am so happy that it has helped you during this time. Honored, and this is why I created these blends.. real life requires real magic to help us through✨ Happy this blend has been able to do just that. THANK YOU for your support! xx

Andrew Evans
Tasty and works great

It has an unusual flavour but not surprising given the herby ingredients. I have insomnia and tried Astral Traveler and the Celestial one last night and slept better than I have in months and had nice dreams.

Highly recommend.

So happy to hear they have helped you sleep better than you have in months.. such a great feeling! Thank you so much for sharing, Andrew! As for the flavor, some people do love to add a bit of maple syrup, agave or honey to offset the herbiness, but I also find it's quite nice when you sit with them and try to distinguish the difffernt notes mother earth is hitting you with.. peppermint, mugwort.. etc! Fun little mindfulness 'game' as you start to prepare yourSelf to drift✨

Thank you again for sharing, truly means so much to me and so many others who will come and see as they make their decision to try as well!

May you be nourished & well rested, so that you may take on the world as a waking dream✨✨



Obsessed with this blend. It tastes as beautiful as it looks, and this is now my go-to gift for every holiday.

Astral Traveler

Resulted in some very clear early am dreams, visitations from the past with great clarity. Thank you