Dreamtime Rituals

Intentionally Set

At Despierta, we don’t just formulate drinks that look good for the gram (however, they definitely do) - we value the deeper and most integral parts of your experience - the intention behind each sip and the long-term effects for your mind, body & spirit. We put our focus and energy THERE, so that you not only feel better over time, but vibrate higher, too.

Grounded in Ancient Wisdom, Future-proof Change

For centuries, We, as a people, have utilized the tools our planet gifts us to heal, soothe and awaken parts of us - our blends are no different. Our formulations have been intentionally crafted with the wisdom of the past, with modern lifestyles in mind, to set you up for success - here, now and well into the future. Caring for our well being will never go out of style.

Impact-led, Sustainable & Purpose Driven

Our true aim is not to become a household name, but to make a positive impact in our world - through YOU.The clearer, more well rested and at peace we become, the better our planet. All of our ingredients are STRAIGHT FROM THE EARTH - sustainably harvested or organic - See us, our brand, and our blends as tools and pure reflections of who you truly are. Our purpose is to help activate, awaken and continue to remind You of your power, purpose and potential.

Accessibility & Relatability

We wanted to make spirituality less intimidating and more relatable. We are, after all, spiritual beings having a human experience. We created our blends to help bridge worlds - helping bring health and our well being to the forefront, without the modern day ‘woo’ vibe.

Medicinal & Metaphysical tools

Despierta blends the powers of medicinal benefits and metaphysical properties (from the earth via flowers, plants, herbs and gems) to curate a blissful, intentional and connected experience with every cup.