Continuing the Journey✨

After a week of returning home, grounding, and re-integrating back to routine and LIFE - there is so much to share (and process) from my time at the University of New Mexico aiding with their Curanderismo course.

"Traditional Medicine without Borders: Curanderismo in Mexico & the Southwest" is the name of the course and it was INTENSE, to say the least.

It's not solely about the coursework, but the spiritual, healing work that was done in tandem with the learning, of course.

Though I did not attend as a student, I will always see myself as a student of life and all of the magical, mystical teachings I surround myself with.

As someone who chose a different path when it came to education, being in a class-like setting amongst 200+ students for a subject matter that is so close to me, was surreal.

Look, I grew up with grandparents who had remedies for any ailment - my elders were wise, pure and beautiful healers - curanderismo is in my blood through and through. Never did I think it would be something that would be herald or so highly sought after to the point of becoming a University course.

That said, I couldn't have dreamt up a more ideal path for myself. 

Dulce Ruby on the far right on stage for UNM Curanderismo course

Though I didn't wish to take a 'normal' route, I never disliked school. In fact - quite the opposite. I love learning, am a self-proclaimed bibliophile and one of my biggest long-term passion projects is to found a metaphysical library. 

I am constantly in student-mode; seeking and researching ancient teachings and methodologies so that I may continue to expand my gnosis and provide the purest of tools and teachings.

So when I had the opportunity to assist and document this course, I did not hesitate to accept.

I have spent a lifetime (and surely many others) in this state of openness to service. I never really know what will come, who I will meet or assist, or even why..

But none of that matters.

When walking on your path you must learn to accept and know how to release. 

Accept what you do not understand, and release your perception that you need to.

To accept what comes and release what goes.

Time and time again in my life, and in this dream, the more I let go the more I receive.

This time was no different.

We were able to offer over 500 healings to those in the NM community who attended not only our classes & workshops, but the Temazcales and Healing Fair doing platicas, limpias, ventosas, and so much more -- I could not be more proud to have played a role in so many transformations... 

There are many stories and almost inexplicable experiences I could tell from my time in New Mexico.. in the classes and well beyond

But for now, I share these three things.

1. There is knowledge well beyond our current scope of understanding - and wisdom at the tips of our elder's tongues. While we may not fully understand at times why things flow the way they do, nor how dis-ease is cured almost miraculously through such 'simple' techniques and ancient ways -- always listen. When you have the blessing and opportunity to hear what an elder, teacher, mentor, or 'stranger' has to say.. simply listen. Allow the words to resonate through your being, allow them to flow and settle. Take the time to process, rest and sit with this new information and do not try to dissemble or reverse engineer to better comprehend from a human level. So many times, these are SOUL lessons and must be understood, absorbed and FELT on a Soul Level -- because that is how & where you upgrade. There is so much to be said of the handful of maestros, maestras, shamans and healers etc that attended and shared their wisdom -- but even more so, that which was shared amongst classmates, new friends, and soul family. Always remember that everyone you meet will teach you something.. and if you are still enough, quiet enough, it will be in these magical encounters and crossings where you uncover truth, wisdom, and magic beyond your perceived perception of limitlessness. 

2. There are so many tools, methods and experiences available to us - flow to what feels most aligned and resonates most with YOU. This one is important. At the University we had numerous beautiful Souls from all over Latin America who were healers in their own right & communities - Curanderx, shamans, etc - who each had their own unique magic to share. Class began at 8am and ended at 1pm, then more optional workshops started up again at 2pm-4pm which all happened simuntaneously, and finally every night you had the opportunity to attend a Temazcal (an Indigenous Mexican Sweat Lodge Ceremony) in which there were 3 to choose from every night 6-10pm+ with different purposes and intentions for each. That said, it was A LOT of content, information, and healing to have, consume, and process. By day 3 it was clear so many were overwhelmed (myself included) as in the beginning you are always wanting to 'do it all' and take advantage of all of the beauty, wisdom and magic we have available. And this is honestly a simple life lesson in macro-view. We can have it all, however - that is not what life is about nor is it the most feasible nor palatable for our being & journey. The purpose is really to sit with what you have available to you (whether it is on this path or another - it works for anything) and discern - "What am I being called to? What excites me most at this moment? Where am I being led?" - these questions, though rather vague, are quite profound. You must always flow & go where your heart is leading you. On a buffet plate with a multitude of options, you must solely consume and choose what you wish to eat - what you actually WANT. And that is the simple way of looking at this all. When given the world as your playground, move with your curiosity and play with your passions. Though it may feel, for a brief moment, that you are 'missing out' on all other options.. it will not matter as you are choosing YOUR path above all others and that will lead you in the most fluent and radiant journey possible, and that is the true goal which will deliver the most reward.  

3. Take time to yourSelf and process. When you are on a healing journey (or any educational, awakening or transitional path), at times it is easy to forget to stop & smell the roses. The roses being the sweet nectar of the lessons you have learned along the way, the emotions that have arisen, the conversations that have been had.. etc. - It can begin to feel easy to continue, keep going and forget to pause to recollect, reflect and realize just how far you have come. The most important step on the path is to be able to take the next one with full integration & innerstanding of the last. For, if we do not, we may simply find ourselves tumbling back to repeat the same lessons until we fully absorb and clear away any of the webbings that they may have wished for us to clear.

I know I promised an update, and though this is not your stereotypical play-by-play of what I did or experienced during my time working with my elders, learning and aiding them while myself elevating my own practice, wisdom and being -- it is the way that came through me and is, for me, the most beautiful way to express without airing out what I find & hold sacred.

Next year I will be returning to the University of New Mexico, again to assist and capture as I always seem to be doing for our ancestors & collective to document our teachings, people and ways for future generations, but also as a presenter and future author. 

At the time, I have so much on the horizon that is coming to share, but just know that when it is time - I would love for you all to be there - to experience, commune, and grow with me as we continue on this traditional healing path as future elders.

Thank you so much for tuning in, wishing to hear my words reflect back upon you after such a wild, intense, immersive, expansive and magical time with my teachers and ancestors. I am so blessed & grateful to serve and be a vessel of service & creation - both as a curandera and the founder & creator here of Despierta.

A true honor. To walk and play witness to this ever-unfolding journey & path.✨🙏